My Pledge to You

My practice of law is dedicated to defending and protecting the rights of people who have been accused of committing a crime.  I am committed to providing exceptional, accessible legal services.  I am a former Deputy District Attorney who will put those years of experience to work for you.  I know the law, how the system works and how to get results. 

Not only am I committed to providing you with exceptional legal services but I am also committed to providing you with exceptional customer service.  From our first meeting, through the conclusion of your case I will be responsive and available to you for questions or concerns.  I will be there when you need me. 

Jacob W. Wyland, Esq.

Thorough and Consistent

I speak on behalf of my son and myself as his mother.  I am very pleased with Jake’s professionalism, taking his time to explain the process of my son’s situation.  I am not experienced with the terms or the process of anyone being incarcerated.  I appreciate him being patient with me and always keeping me informed and updated through the numerous court dates and hearings.  He even took the time to call my son’s grandmother and fill her in on everything! 

If anyone ever needs a lawyer, Jake Wyland and only Jake Wyland would be my suggestion! 


Above and Beyond Expectations!!

I was always able to get in touch with Jake, I always knew where we stood as far as court proceedings and he was very gracious in handling payments.  And the outcome of the case exceeded my expectations.  I would always recommend his services. 


Excellent Attorney

I would highly recommend Jacob Wyland to anybody who needs help with a legal issue.  He is very professional, excellent with communication and will not pass judgment on you. 

I am a single mother who was charged with a second DUI.  I was so scared I was going to jail and leaving my kids behind.  Jacob was there for me and explained everything 100% at each step.  The result of my case was house arrest.  I was relieved that I would still be home with my children and be able to keep my job.  I was highly satisfied with the outcome of my case. 


Competent, Reliable, and Comforting

Having owned and operated a collection agency for 20 years, I have become familiar with the legal process through my work with attorneys.  Jake Wyland has proven to be an exceptional attorney in the matter he handled for my daughter.  He is an excellent communicator and his experience as a litigator was a benefit to our case.  Never overbearing, a good listener and always does what he says he’s going to do.  I would recommend Jake highly to anyone looking for the best representation in the criminal courts. 


Thorough, Thoughtful, Looking Out for My Best Interest

I was very satisfied with Jake’s representation because I felt like he truly cared about my case.  He definitely took the time to discuss everything with me.  Jake’s accessibility was amazing and he always got back to me – even if he didn’t have an answer to my question yet he would call to let me know what he was doing to work on it.  I am happy and satisfied with the outcome of my case.  I would most certainly recommend Jake to others. 


Very Professional

We had a difficult situation.  Jake was always available to answer questions or to intervene when needed so that our situation didn’t get any worse.  The knowledge that Jake has with both sides of the law makes him a valuable asset to have as a lawyer. 

Throughout the whole process, Jake is always reachable or will return calls and keeps you informed and updated of what’s happening.  He is one of the best lawyers we have had the opportunity to work with. 

George and Jennifer

Amazing, worth every penny and then some!

When I was charged with my DUI my “friends” were telling me that I didn’t need a lawyer.  I still wanted to at least talk to one.  I called several lawyers and Jake was the most informative and down to earth one I spoke with.  He took the time to fully explain how these things usually go and the options that I would have along the way.  Most importantly he made sure they made sense to me and I wasn’t even his client yet! 

Once I decided to go with him as my lawyer it got even better.  He was more than accessible throughout the entire process, answering all of my questions along the way.  He made sure that he was by my side during the entire process.  At the end of it all, he was able to get me in the ARD program and that was WAY more than the DA was offering originally. 

In short I was more than happy with his service and more than happy that I chose Jake!  If you are reading this, do yourself a favor and go with Jake as your lawyer for whatever your case is for.  I highly recommend Jake!


Professional, Understanding, Competent

As a first time offender, I did not know what to expect.  I was scared and nervous.  Mr. Wyland put me at ease by explaining everything to me step by step.  He was efficient in handling my case, and secured an outcome I was very happy with.  I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a defense attorney.  A true professional that I was grateful to have on my side!


Professional and Very Helpful

I was extremely satisfied with how Jake represented me because he returned my calls immediately, made me feel completely at ease and comfortable talking to him.  He always took the time to explain every aspect of my case to me.  I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case and very pleased when it was over.  I would absolutely recommend Jake to others.  I have even kept his address and phone number for myself in case I ever need his services in the future.  (Which I personally hope I wouldn’t need legal services again but you never know.)  ;)